Dr. Gaurav Sharma – The Best Diabetologist in Delhi

Dr. Gaurav Sharma
Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Dr. Gaurav Sharma is the leading name in the field of diabetes management, particularly in the Delhi region, as he has been practicing here for many years. He opened a company by the name of Dr.G Wellness Pvt. Ltd., in 2011. Since then, Dr. G’s company has an online presence to enable his reach to maximum number of people suffering from Diabetes, not only in India but across the world. He is the best doctor to control Diabetes, as he believes in reversing Diabetes by following a scientific and holistic approach to defeat Diabetes.

Although Dr. Sharma is known as the best Diabetes specialist in India, yet what makes him the best Diabetologist in India is his comprehensive approach to manage Diabetes. He is quite competent in ensuring overall wellness of the patients, as he leads the fraternity by recommending life-style changes, planning the diet routines, helping in stress management, suggesting exercise regimes, nutritional supplements, guiding patients through inspiring counselling and providing preventive care.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma is a renowned name in managing diabetes by creating awareness among the masses. This way, he has been playing the role of a leader in helping people know the ways of managing diabetes, telling about the menace of diabetes and ways of conquering it. He is more often invited on leading social forums to speak about the need of regular exercise and nutritional diet, as these are the preventive ways of managing Diabetes. As Diabetes is a life-style related disease, he guides the patients through myriad ways to adopt a healthy life style. People in Delhi know Dr. Gaurav very well, as he has become a familiar name through his regularly broadcast television programmes on Diabetes.

For Dr. Sharma, becoming popular for his comprehensive approach towards managing the menace of diabetes among the people has been a continuous and unending journey and this journey has provided him wider recognition for his strides in innovation. Dr. Sharma has been a strong believer in bringing relief to the diabetics through his incessant research, leading to innovation by introducing such products, as DiabetPlus, Dibetall and Sweetjoy. Amazing about Dr. Sharma’s approach has been his inclusion of Ayurvedic herbs, such as Gurmar, Vijaysar, Karela, Neem & Methi, the leading herbs in the list of 21 herbs that help in healing diabetes besides adding 7 essential vitamins – B1, B3, B6, B12, Biotin, Folic Acid & D3 in the composition of DiabetPlus that has been one of the leading supplements for managing diabetes; DiabetPlus includes essential minerals and antioxidants as well. When counting the best diabetes doctors in Delhi, one cannot remain aloof of the contribution made by Dr. Sharma in synthesizing the medicinal values of centuries old and used Ayurvedic herbs in treating diabetic patients; this differentiates Dr. Gaurav Sharma from the rest of his class, as there is a general practice among doctors to recommend prescription drugs, which do more harm than good; the comprehensive approach adopted by Dr. Gaurav singles him out as the best diabetes doctor in India.


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